Photo © Kevin Lahey
Photo © Kevin Lahey
Photo © Mark Gibson
Photo © Kevin Lahey

Siskiyou County offers a wealth of recreational opportunities for active individuals and families. Scattered throughout the county’s varied landscape are hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails. Spectacular mountain vistas and crystal-clear alpine lakes make Mt. Shasta the most idyllic destination in the county.

Mount Shasta is a single peak in the Cascade chain, with a height of 14,179 feet. Rising 11,000 feet from the surrounding valley, it dominates the landscape of northern California. It presents a thousand different faces, inspires great awe and respect, and beckons all to view it from every possible perspective.

Tour Information

For your safety, be aware that anyone driving you in his or her vehicle must have a Commercial Driver’s License and ALL Tour Guides must have proper permits to take you to various locations (Forest Service land) surrounding the Mt. Shasta area.

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